Today's Guest Blogger - Miss Molly Brown September 12 2012, 0 Comments

Hi!  My name is Molly Brown.
I'm 11 weeks old today and my human parents think I'm pretty smart.
I'm learning so much, like there is this big white thing with doors in the kitchen that my humans keep opening and food comes out of it!  How kewl is that!  This morning I tried to open it myself by biting it but that didn't work.  Sometimes when it's open I can run in and lick the bottles on the bottom shelf.  And and there's this big square thing in the middle of the room where my humans sit all the time. they put food and drinks on it, I think Mom called it a coffee table, well the other day I was able to put both of my front paws on it but Mom said "Off!".  That's just weird, if Dad can put his feet on it, why can't I?  There are a lot of rules around here but I'm doing really good learning them.

I have lots of fun stuff to chew on and attack, don't tell Mom but I'd rather chase Dad's feet and pull his shoelaces. Well, it's better then pulling his finger like some kids do with their Dad ... ewwww!

Well, I gotta go, I'm sleepy.