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Coca-Cola End Table February 26 2012, 0 Comments

I threw this together with a few things we had around the house

Isn't she cute?

This project started when I was deciding where to store the metal tub that I'd purchased to put our Christmas Tree in.

I had this piece of glass on an old wobbly table that I put outside on the deck.  The base is garbage but I just couldn't bring myself to throw both the base and glass out.

I cleaned the glass and checked...

Kitchen Storage solution ... January 08 2011, 0 Comments

First, let me tell you how excited I am that our kitchen is almost complete.  Yippee!  We just have to complete the Island trim and paint it, oh and there's one wall that has been patched so it needs paint.  Then DONE!  Finito! Wooo Hooo!

I was off work this past week and had a mission to check a few things off the to do list. I don't know what it is but if I don't stay busy with small projects...

The Makeover Continues ... November 29 2010, 0 Comments

I have completely neglected blogging lately, mostly due to the fact that none of our projects are complete yet.  Wow, what a roller coaster ride!  It's amazing how each colour decision affects the next.

As per my last post we started off priming the whole living room and kitchen. The initial plan was to paint both rooms Behr Butter Cookie yellow but last minute we wondered how a nice fresh light...

We've finally started the painting! November 18 2010, 0 Comments

Boy life gets the in way when you have a long list of DIY's!
Well I'm excited to say that the work started at our house yesterday and the best part is I was at work while it was happening.  How cool is it to start checking things off the list when you don't even have to lift a finger (except for picking up the Subs to feed the boys at the end of their busy day)

Here's a quick preview

Wood Stove shiny...

Finished Tray October 14 2010, 0 Comments

It's done! I didn't put an expression on it in the end, a last minute decision.  It's true that you need to "feel" the project as you go.  So here is the before ...

It was a sage green which no longer goes with our decor so it became one of my first projects using the  amazing paint from Caromal Colours.

And here is the After ...

Here are some up close images of the finish, Caromal Colours paint is...

Pics of a completed projects September 13 2010, 0 Comments

On yesterday's post I mentioned a couple of small projects we had completed so far but I didn't have a chance to post any photos.  I should know better ... a picture's worth a 1000 words.

So here you go Annette <grin>

This is the gate out of our backyard that leads to the forest trails ... Bambi lives back there!

Just another view of the fence (the wood fence was already here when we moved in)


Lots of projects on our DIY list ... September 12 2010, 0 Comments

Frank and I have been inspired by all the blogs that we have been reading lately.  One of my favs is

We spent last weekend brainstorming on colours, and treatments for our livingroom/kitchen combo.  Stay tuned for some before and after pics.  I wish we just had a week that we could concentrate on completing the work but alas we need to go to work to earn the kibble.

When we...

We are home! September 04 2010, 0 Comments

Our Cottage in the Country
In June of this year we finally became home owners again. It took us a while to find a "cottage like" home in good condition within commuting distance to Markham, Ontario (just north of Toronto). We looked at many homes on cottage roads and even though our must have list was short, many of the homes we looked at were lacking 1 or 2 key items ... laundry, septic system,...