Quick 2 sided sign for mantle shelf October 04 2012, 0 Comments

I had a scrap piece of wood that would be perfect for a small sign.  I measured it, then gave it a base coat of van Gogh Chalk paint in Buttah.

While the Buttah (I love that name!) was drying, I went into my Silhouette Studio and started designing what I wanted to put on this piece.  I have so many signs with words and sayings and honestly I could have them all over the house but I wanted a graphic option on this one.  I decided on a couple of birds sitting on a tree branch.  

Once the Buttah dried, I put the painted wood piece on the shelf and felt the yellow might be a little too bright for what I wanted so I put a coat of Muse over it.  Muse would pick up the warmer tones in the faux brick on this wall.  Meanwhile the conversation in my head was bouncing back and forth between a graphic image and a saying (I have SO many sayings I want to paint).  Then a light bulb went on!  Yep, I still have it!  Why not paint something on each side and I can turn it around a show the side I feel like seeing on any given day.  Cool huh?

So, I cut out the saying Believe in yourself and the Birds on a branch image, weeded them, applied the transfer tape and applied the first one to the painted wood.  Once on the wood I stenciled them with the Starry Night.

Then I let the paint dry slightly before peeling back the vinyl stencil

 Once completely dry I applied the van Gogh clear wax ... OMG this wax is heaven!  It smells like honey and had me craving toast with Buttah and Honey! 

I waited til the next morning and applied some dark wax, rubbed it in and called it a day!

Here are the finished signs up on the shelf

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