Lots of projects on our DIY list ... September 12 2010, 0 Comments

Frank and I have been inspired by all the blogs that we have been reading lately.  One of my favs is theLetteredCottage.net.

We spent last weekend brainstorming on colours, and treatments for our livingroom/kitchen combo.  Stay tuned for some before and after pics.  I wish we just had a week that we could concentrate on completing the work but alas we need to go to work to earn the kibble.

When we first moved in there were a few things we need to take care of right away.  First was a closet, we were all over the map at first ... Ok, I was all over the map because I didn't want to spend much money until all the "move" bills came in.  It's a good thing we didn't spend too much because we were hit with a closing fee that we were not expecting.  We ended up putting up a Rubbermaid closet organizer on a wall in the master bedroom and to keep costs down we put up a Ikea kvartal ceiling track and used drapes to hide the clothes.

The second project and largest expense was a fence for Buddy.  When it comes down to it, it's all for Buddy ... the house, the yard, the fence.  We ended up with a black chain link since we were not looking for privacy just a way to keep stray Critters out and Buddy in.  I was amazed how quickly the fence went in, the crew arrived around 8am and they were gone by 3pm.  We are so happy with the way it turned out since we back on to a forest and the black fencing blends right in and does not obstruct the view of the forest.  We even had a gate installed so we have access to the forest trails from our yard.  We had a couple of other unexpected purchases which I will share in my next post.

Buddy Budman