The end is in sight ... December 19 2010, 0 Comments

We have almost finished our current projects, and it's so exciting to start seeing the end result.  It's kinda like our Christmas present to ourselves.  It's really beginning to feel cozy.  On my last update I asked for opinions on hats or no hats for our kitchen chandelier, I took your guidance and picked up some hats for the chandi!

So to recap, here is the original light ... Fancy Boob Light ... Yep, found a pic!  I think I will take this baby to Restore, someone will like it (won't they?)

Here's the new Chandi prior to party hats

And here she is all decked out ...

Thank you everyone who commented, not only does it look good, it casts a much nicer light with the shades.

Also on my last post I gave you a preview of our faux brick, Frank had applied drywall mud to the wall to create the bricks.  This weekend I tackled the bulk of the paint job,  I'm going to give it a break over the holidays then add a little more detail later.

Right now there are presents to wrap, family to visit, eggnog to drink and turkey to be eaten.

To recap here's the before

 During ...


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