Resurrection of a prior obsession ... June 12 2011, 0 Comments

Last year when we moved into our current home I stopped spending hours on cruising the listings.  My focus changed to DIY projects, and blogs until I hurt my back this winter.  While I was on the mend I wasn't able to do much around the house so my old real estate obsession slowly became a way to spend time again.  Which brings me to this little baby ... I've fallen in love with this little River front cutie, we even made an appointment to see the home.

I had really hoped we would find something wrong with it but the minute we walked in 
we felt at home.  
I keep daydreaming about sitting on this deck sipping on my morning coffee.
She's tiny but she's darn cute & cozy!  How much space do 2 people need anyway?
There's no dishwasher but I think with this view I'd be happy washing dishes.
Part of me doesn't want this little cutie to sell until I'm ready to purchase her.  Meanwhile the
other part of me wants it to sell so I no longer have to feel like I'm cheating on our
little bungalow that isn't on the River.  For now, I enjoy my morning coffee on our deck imagining 
what the River view would be like.  Sigh!