Phew! June 17 2011, 0 Comments

I'm off work today and it's a good thing.  I've known since last Fall that our neighbour Brian was going to take down a length of picket fence between our houses. Frank mentioned to him not to burn or throw out the fence since I will most likely want to do something with it.  Today, I was puttering around the house and I noticed a section of the picket fence lying on Brian's fire pit ... AHHHHH!  No, don't do it!  I paced the house for a while waiting for Brian to come back out to the yard so I could sweetly ask for the fence.  Yay! Score!

 Now I need to decide what to do with them all, Wainscotting, individual signs, artwork ... the possibilities are endless.  All I know is some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is required!