It's New Years Eve and time to reflect on the Christmas Season December 31 2011, 0 Comments

I'll start with our tree - It took a little tweaking this year but I loved the final result of the tree.  We made the change to a smaller tree last year and since we were changing we went White!  The biggest addition this year was the Galvanized tub that we set the tree in.  I was inspired by Donna @ Funky Junk last year and spent the year looking for one.  I was so happy when one showed up at the local Antique Store right before Christmas.  I didn't get a good picture of the finished tree at night but I have a "work in process shot"

We place the tree on an end table between our sofa's in the living room.  I put Burlap tree wrap on the end table then inside the bin I place white twinkle lights over silver fabric then top them with white gauze to give the illusion of bright white snow at the base of the tree.

The original star was too heavy for the tree and it kept drooping forward.  I tried everything to enforce it, I doubled up the top branch, put a rod up into it but it still kept leaning forward to I replaced it with a large silver bow, and also added some more ornaments, I think the little white and blue bows just finished the tree off.

I didn't do any baking this Christmas Season since I am on a journey to improve my health and sugar is not my friend.  I will admit to breaking down and having a couple of sweets over the holidays and I swear when I eat sugar I am more susceptible to picking up germs or bugs from those around me.  I know, it may sound kooky but it's my story and I'm sticking to it <grin>.

In lieu of baking I made a Christmas Present for my Sister Kim and her husband David.  It's a family sign with their anniversary date on it.  The base colour is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Aubusson Blue, I love ASCP but I was not happy with the way this darker blue sanded, it left streaks.

The wax finish took away some of the streaky blue but not all, it just adds to the character of the sign ... ya ya that's right.  Notice the little dog paw lower right side, I added that for all Kim and Dave's fur babies, those that are still with us and those that are in doggy heaven.  When I go I hope I go to Doggy Heaven, I think it would be a very nice place.

Speaking of Fur Babies, our holidays were blessed with many.  First there was the frisbee obsessed Aneeka at the Car dealership ... she is stylin quite the wardrobe!

Then in the same day we visited the Pet store ...

Where we saw these cute Westie Pups, you would have to take both of them home!
There were also these Dutch Shepherd Pups that slept the whole time I was there.  Dutch Shepherd is the breed of Clark Griswold Dog from the Ultimate Dog Tease You tube Fame. (I love him)

I look forward to Christmas Day every year when we get to see my nephews Jake and Jed!  This is a great photo with Frankie and my nephews (Jake is the handsome one posing against Frank).  Of course I look forward to seeing family too.

Then on Boxing Day I came to spend two weeks with my fur friends Chance and Ruby, this photo is of Chance before the snow arrived.
Ruby seems to be sleeping in all the photos I have of her so far.

 I can't have doggies in the blog and not add our precious Buddy, in this photo he is looking at Frank with love in his eyes as Frank prepares a special dinner for him (Ground Beef was most likely involved)

But (drum roll) .... the biggest event of the holiday season was the gift we purchased for us and will allow us to do more DIY projects and I'll be able to Blog so much more next year (drum still rolling)  I said Buh Bye to my beloved little Punch Buggy, aka Zippy ...

She's looking a little dirty and frosty here ... I think she was giving me the Cold Shoulder!

We said HELLO to this sexy diva!  She is such a comfortable car to drive and so solid! She's a Volvo XC70 with all wheel drive so we can blast through the snow on our way to all the Kijiji deals out there & with all the space we can pick up a few deals!  I love her.

We have had such a blessed Holiday and look forward to 2012.

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