It's a White Christmas this Year! December 09 2010, 0 Comments

We've gone White this year!

We wanted a smaller tree that would fit on a corner table in the Living Room, with all the painting and decor changes we are making right now we thought a white tree would look really great.

Here's a shot that Frankie took during the day today with his Blackberry ...

I took a couple of quick pics this evening but I haven't mastered the camera settings yet

The room is a bit of a mess, Frank is working on the faux brick and I still have to finish off the kitchen so I will post a shot later to give the whole effect of the tree in the room.

Here's a close up. Hmmm, I better go back and read Donna at Funky Junks Photo tutorial.  Can you believe I work at a Photo Studio?  No I don't take the pictures, that's evident in my photos.

I'm happy with the tree but I think it will need some tweaking next year, I may have rushed the decorating a little.  As Frank says the tree's hips are out of alignment, I didn't do a very good job of "fluffing" the tree before decorating.

I'm linking to the Holiday Home Party at Thrifty Decor Chick!