Fun with Paint! October 08 2010, 0 Comments

Last night I started to play with some Caromal Colours paint.  This paint is so much fun!  We are going to be using it to paint our kitchen cabinet so I wanted to get used to the feel of the paint.  I started on 2 mini projects ... a piece of board that was calling my name for a sign and a tray that I finished with crackle medium 12 years ago.  Here is a pick of the tray "before".  Isn't it pretty (not!).
Here is what the paint looks like, it's thick and blobby (is that a word?)  This paint has been specially formulated for distressing and easy refinishing projects.

I'm using the colour "parchment" and will sand, distress and age with a burnt umber.  Below is a photo of the plank I worked on, I just played with the paint, sanded and appled a Welcome vinyl expression that I had.  I did not age the plank ... I was to anxious to finish something ... I know I have to learn patience but I'm trying to cram in a lot in my 2 days vacation.  I promise to be patient when I finish the tray ... stay tuned.  Watch out, you never know what I will paint and distress next ... maybe the chair or pot in this picture.