Progress Report on my Picture Perfect Room ... January 22 2012, 0 Comments

Confession, I really hoped to have this done by now.  Boy life gets in the way!  I took a week vacation and got sick so didn't accomplish much that week.  Then I'd  hoped we could tackle the project this weekend but then Frank got sick.  I just could not go back to work tomorrow and have another weekend with nothing done so I'll show you what I did get done.

The project is our entrance porch.  I believe the entrance of a home reflects the energy of it.  Given the current condition of our entrance it's no wonder I feel scattered, confused and unorganized!

There is an open coat rack in the entrance which I have disliked since we moved in.  The goal is to paint the paneling, remove the hanging rack, replace with hooks, create a bench to sit and put shoes on, declutter and accessorize.

Last year we picked up this sturdy coffee table at our local 2nd hand store, it's going to make the perfect entrance bench.

Isn't it pretty - NOT!  but I have a vision.   I cropped this photo so you wouldn't see ALL the mess but I think you get the idea.

Last week Frankie took the doors off for me and filled the holes where the hinges were.  Yesterday I gave her a quick sand to remove some raised areas I'm assuming were caused by slight water damage.
Then the painting and personalization began ...

That's it for the progress report, the bench needs to be distressed, waxed and toned still.  I'm also really hoping we can get the paneling painted this week and put the hooks up.  Have a great week!


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