Kona Coffee Sack Table ... January 17 2013, 0 Comments

I saw Donna was having a Grain Sack party and I had to join in!  Grain Sacks were my inspiration for this piece.

We purchased this coffee table just after moving into our house 2.5 years ago.  It was a Kijiji deal from the same seller we purchased our Ektorp sofas from, the coffee table and matching end table were $40. The are really sturdy and REALLY ugly!  I've been threatening to paint them since Day 1 but my vision for them kept changing.  

Here she is ... So Pretty, ummm nope, but useful yes!

I started by giving the table a really good clean.  The table has a checkboard wood pattern on the top and I wanted to minimize that from showing through so I decided to sand the surface.  Then I turned the table on it's side and painted the sides and legs with van Gogh Chalk paint (vGCP) in Bole.

 Once the base was dry I let it sit for ummm 2 weeks.  Yep!  Every day I got more and more frustrated with the lack of space in our laundry room, aka The Studio.  Ahhh! are you freakin kidding me.  Note in the picture above right side is our dryer, I have about 10" between the dryer and the edge of the table.  Anyway after Christmas I finally got my S*!t together and decided to paint the top.  First I gave it a coat of vGCP in Cashmere, once that was dry I rolled on Serenity one strip at a time.
While the Serenity was still wet I dragged a Kitchen Scrubby through the paint to create a look of a burlap sack.

Next I created a stencil for the stripes, I'm too impatient to tape out the lines.  I taped a guide line on the  table so I didn't end up with lines that weren't straight (I do not trust myself to be accurate).

Once the stripes were complete I felt the burlap sack effect was not strong enough, so I took out the RL Linen effect brush and dry brushed the base paint Cashmere over Serenity in a cross hatch pattern.  That's better!

Next I added a Kona Coffee Logo, I created a stencil for this too.
Do you see my mistake here?  I didn't notice it until I was waxing the table.  Once the stencil was dry I lightly distressed the stencilled areas and table top.

Now can you see the mistake?  When I weeded my stencil I didn't remove the period after the U so I had to realign the stencil and fix it.

All Fixed!

My original intention was to wax the base and use Table Top finish on the top where the daily use happens.  Do you do anything different when finishing pieces the you are selling compared to those you plan on keeping?  We have a new puppy so we don't really put much on the table right now, well other then our feet now& then.  I love the wax finish so I decided to wax the top of the table.  I used both clear and dark wax.

Here is a shot of the top of the table, I still need to add more wax but I ran out!  Yep, this wax is so great I sold out, and I'm OK with that.

I'll leave you with this final image of Molly inspecting the room.

I'm partying over at Funky Junk this week!