Living Room design decisions ... input welcome October 12 2012, 0 Comments

I want to spruce up the Living Room, I've wanted new slipcovers for some time and by the time I decided to go with blue Ikea had discontinued the blue I wanted.  Online search to the rescue and I found a lady who had 2 brand new slipcovers available ... yay!

This is what the every day living room looks like, nope I didn't tidy or dust!
Believe it or not the walls are butter cookie yellow but the current slipcovers don't help the wall colour.
This the a quick peek of the new blue slipcover, with one of my existing throw cushions.
The blue in the cushion matches the new slipcover but it doesn't light my fire, it's kinda blah.
I also have some dark denim throw cushions.

Then there's this exquisite piece of furniture (finger down throat)
I picked it up real cheap, with a matching end table.  It's been waiting for it's reinvention for 2 years now.  What?  I've been waiting on new slipcovers.  I was between the blue or white slipcovers.
Since we now have a new puppy that Frank invites on the sofa I just could not do white, I'd be washing the cushion covers ALL the time!
The PLAN for this table is a grain sack feel with either Red or Blue stripes.
The colour we choose for the throw cushion fabric will determine the stripe and graphic colour on the coffee table.
See my problem, one decision based on the last, if I hold up on one it puts everything on delay.
I've had a love affair with Toile for some time and have not used any decorating this home and I'm still not sure if I will use any traditional toile - you will help me decide ...
Here are my red choices, I was thinking I could do the front of the cushion in toile (left side) or the french stamp option (left side) and the back of the cushion with the ticking fabric (middle).
This gas fireplace is my reason for wanting to add a pop of red to the room.
The other direction I was considering is the yellow/blue toile to pick up the yellow walls.
the back of the cushion would be gingham, I'm leaning toward the blue.

What do you like?  Red Toile, Red French Stamp, Yellow&Blue Toile with yellow or blue gingham back?

Here is the link to the survey