About Us

Welcome to Muddaritaville, my happy place where I share products that I LOVE producing!  

Muddaritaville - (Mud-a-ree-ta-vil)
1.(Place) My creative happy place
2. (Destination) Your source for DIY and Sign Stencils

Muddaritaville started as a blog about all the things I love … Home Decor, Real Estate, Dogs, oh I could go on!  One thing I have always had a passion for is signs, words, motivational sayings and graphics.  Anything vintage and rustic just adds to the charm.  My full-time profession was in Production and Buying in the Print and Graphics industry.  I was downsized in 2012, I looked at it as an opportunity to launch my business full-time. I had already been painting furniture and signs in my spare time so I was excited to go full time with it.

While the business is multifaceted this site is dedicated to products  produced with my Trotec Laser Engraver.  75% of the work produced on the laser are Muddaritaville Stencils for use in Home Decor and Furniture Facelifts along with stencils for painting signs.  I also hope to develop stamps that can be used on decor products.  My partner Frank and I have also been producing other personalized products like Engraved Teak Cutting Boards, Tiles, Signs and so many more items.  This portion of our business is called the Laser Cottage.

Muddaritaville has been selling stencils online since early 2013, we hope this move to Shopify will make the shopping experience easier for you.

Oh, one more member of the team I can't forget is our 2 year old Blue Merle Rough Collie, Molly Brown.  I spend multiple hours daily in our master bedroom turned office where I design, cut and package stencil orders.  While I'm in the office Molly B will spend many of those hours lying on the day bed cheering me on.