Man Cave sign May 27 2015, 5 Comments

Last night I had a brainstorm that I wanted to mimic the look of skid plate / checker plate metal on a sign.  I figured something masculine like a Man Cave Sign would be simple design to test the effect. So I went into Corel Draw and designed the cut out type for the wood portion and then I worked on a skid plate design for stencil.

I cut the wood section on the laser first, then the stencil overlay for the texture
After the wood was cut I gave the piece a coat of Fusion Mineral Paint in the colour Ash.
Once the base coat was dry I tinted some Embossing Paste with Ash paint, you could also use the Silver metallic paint to tint the Embossing Paste.
Then I secured my skid plate stencil over the sign.
Then I proceeded to "ice the cake", that's what is feels like haha!  I applied the Embossing Plaster through the stencil and once I was happy with the coverage I lifted the stencil.
This is what the piece looked like once I removed the stencil, kinda like a bad case of chicken pox but that's OK there are more stops to come!
Here is an artsy side view to show the texture of the Embossing Paste.

To remove the Embossing Past from the stencil I move the stencil on to a "throw away" surface like kraft paper or paper towel and scrape the paste off the stencil, after this the stencil just requires a quick wash and hang to dry (til next time)

I left the Embossing Paste to dry for around an hour, maybe a little more then I dry brushed some Fusion Metallic paint in Silver over the whole sign.  Isn't it fun!