I'm joining in with Donna @ Funky Junk in her commitment of 2012 change January 03 2012, 0 Comments

I have been dreaming for a long time about having a business of my own where I can hone my creative side while creating things that people will love.  I have a passion for signs and painted furniture.  There are a lot of very talented furniture upcyclers online, and they have motivated me to stop dreaming of starting something and Just Do It!

We recently completed step one in the process which may seem small to some but it was a big step for us since it was not something we had really planned for at this time but it was necessary.  I mentioned in my last post the purchase of a new vehicle (to us).  Whenever we needed to pick something up I was arranging to borrow a vehicle from a friend but it just isn't convenient to do all the time.  So we purchased a 2007 Volvo XC70 which gives us the space we need and it also turned out to be a dream care of both Frank and I that we had never really confessed to each other until we found "the" car.
That's Step 1 Complete.

Tomorrow I will layout the additional steps and process on them.