Fresh Brown Eggs Sign July 30 2011, 0 Comments

Our neighbour across the street sells eggs. This week I noticed a sign at the end of her driveway that was written in pencil "Brown Eggs for Sale".  We've had a couple of really good rain down pours this week, so last night I noticed that the pencil is washing off her sign.  I was ready for a new creative project so I decided to make her a new sign.

As usual I kinda rushed this so I have to let it "cure" before giving it a poly protective coating.  I want to give it to her right now but it won't stand up to the elements.
I started with a cabinet door that we picked up at ReStore, I painted it with Caromal Colours Reclaim in Latte (I'm going to paint our kitchen island in this paint).  I should have let the paint to cure for a few days before doing anything else but no no, I had to do this today so I only let the paint dry over night.  I used transfer paper to copy the words onto the cabinet.  I then started to paint the words in white.  I used what I had on hand for brushes and really should have gone out to purchase a new brush.
After I painted the words in white I added a rough drop shadow to the letters in black.  I also painted a couple of eggs to the sign but they kinda look like potatoes, then I sanded and distress the sign and rubbed on an antiquing glaze (these are the steps that the base paint should cure before doing).

I'll keep you posted on her reaction when I deliver the finished sign.