Floor Lamp Makeover January 03 2011, 0 Comments

This project was originally posted January 2011 but I wanted to Spruce it up and link it to Funky Junk Interiors  Sat Nite Special link party #126 - unique lighting.

When I purchased this floor lamp I LOVED it!  Ya, not so much now.  Here she is ...

I wanted a lantern to fit over the existing light that was hanging, it was not easy to find but as they say when you least expect it ...

I found this red lantern at a local hardware store prior to Christmas.  It was exactly what I was looking for but the wrong colour!  So , I removed the glass, and got to work.

 We went out to the workshop, and I set up my high tech spray booth so I could paint it Oil Rubbed Bronze.  In Blog World there is White Paint, Chalk Paint and Oil Rubbed Bronze ... that's it!

Once painted, I covered the front and back glass panels with frosted contact paper.  For the side panels Frank came up with the idea to make it look like a lantern from an old train so I got the Cricut out and cut out AT & SF  1536  out of the contact paper "Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe ... Caboose #1536"
(side note, I no longer have a Cricut I have a Silhouette Cameo and it would have ACED this project!) 

Frank also found an old ticket from the same railway, that is what is tied to the top, here is a close up
Cool isn't it?

Here's the after 

Yes this image says Starwood Country Creations, did I tell you that I changed my blog name Ump-teen times!  It's 12am right now, I'm tired, I've been haggling with a kid on Kijiji who wants to buy Frank's golf clubs but would like us to drive 2 hours to bring them to him, oh and do you take a cheque (don't piss me off kid  I'm menopausal and the hormones are looking for someone to take it out on) Ok, where were we?  Right - my blog name changes.   One image missed the name change and I ain't changin it right now cus I am one sleepy grump.
Anyho, here it is in it's new resting spot (prior to my cool Coke End Table)

Nite Nite, sleep tight (why tight, what does that mean?  I throw the covers off ... oh geez Hot Flash taking over)

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