Another type of transformation ... August 28 2011, 0 Comments

Later this week I will be starting a 30 day cleanse with the fabulous products from Isagenix.  I did a 9 day cleanse in April while at home nursing a bad back.  I dropped 5lbs during that cleanse but I wasn't mentally ready to do more at that time.

Fast forward to August 19th and this video

I am so inspired by Jill's story, she woke me up to realize that I can transform my health.

Yesterday we went to an Isagenix event and heard stories of others who have experienced health benefits by introducing nutrient dense products to their daily routine.  I look forward to sharing my story soon!

I plan on being the Isagenix Isabody challenge winner in 2012 and winning the $120,000 prize, wanna beat me to the prize?  Join me in this challenge and let's celebrate our success together.

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