S0878 Wedding Party or Bachelorette set for t-shirts and Totes


Each design is on a 12" x 12" reusable stencil.
Image sizes:

A. Bride 10"w x 6.3"h
B. Maid of Honour 10"w x 9"h
     note:  CDN spelling shown, we can create a US spelling version

C. Brides Maid - 10"w x 8"h
D. Sister of the Bride - 8.3"w x 8"h
E. Mother of the Bride - 9.7"w x 8.4"h
F. Mother of the Groom - 9.6"w x 7.5"h
G. Savings for the complete set 

laser cut out of 10mil reusable mylar.

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