FJ074 Funky Junk's Reindeer - 3 options



Reindeer images make fabulous festive additions... so here's 3 options with a twist!

The Reindeer stencils (each sold separately) are 3 different Christmas-themed stencils that come with either jingle bells or scarf graphics to enhance their festive presence!

1.  2 Reindeer Kit
- A small reindeer head with separate jingle bells and a small flying reindeer with a separate scarf.

2. Reindeer Head + Bells
- a larger reindeer head with separate jingle bells to wear around its neck.

3. Flying Reindeer + Scarf
- a flying reindeer with a separate scarf to wear around its neck.

These whimsical Reindeer stencils would be perfect for signs, pillows, etc.

Team them up stenciled in white on top of traditional red and black Buffalo Check for a super festive take!


What you get:

  • Each Reindeer stencil is a 1-piece stencil, sold separately.
  • Picture #2 showcases exactly how these stencils come.
  • Project photos are for inspirational purposes only. No other supplies are included with this stencil.

    Stencil Features: 

    Each Reindeer stencil is designed to work with each other for a cohesive look.

    Our stencils are made from a heavy weight 10 mil, offering exceptional quality.
    They also come with unique registration marks, making positioning effortless.

      Project Ideas:

      For more photos or ideas, visit all stencil tutorials HERE

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