FJ035 Funky Junk's Open / Closed



The Open, Closed and Flourish 3-piece stencil kit FJ35 allows you to open or close your given work space!

This stencil set is designed to work with OFFICE (sold separately) for so many fun design possibilities!


What you get:

  • Open, Closed and Flourish FJ35 comes together as 1 3-pieced kit.
  • Picture #2 showcases how these stencils come.
  • The project photos are for inspiration purposes only. No other supplies come with the stencils.


Stencil Features:

  • All our stencils are made from high quality 10 mil mylar.
  • They also come with unique registration marks, making positioning effortless.

    Project Ideas:

    For more photos or ideas, visit all stencil tutorials HERE

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