M0362 - 2 part Loon Stencil - 2 size options


3 part Loon image stencil

We have provided a small stencil for you to use if you wish to paint the loonlet in a different color than the background. To do this, you would need to determine the position of the loonlet on your piece and first paint it with the feather color. After that, proceed with part 1 in black.

Part 1 - paint black

Part 2 - paint white

There are 4 punch holes in the corners for registration, you can place painters tape under these holes and paint with part 1 then register part 2 onto those painted marks.

Small Image size:  10"w x 4.75"h

Large Image size:  15.25"w x 7.25"h

Reusable 10 mil mylar