Funky Junk's Grain Sack Stripes - 6 styles in 2 size options


If you are a lover of all things vintage, you will adore creating your own authentic looking Grain Sack Stripes on anything you wish!

These stripes are designed to mix and match so you can create your own unique takes!

We also have some companion Grain Sack Designs to accompany the stripes! 

NEW! Due to popular request:

Grain Sack Stripes L
 are a longer stripe, measuring at 21.5" long vs. the original 16". The stripes now clear most smaller throw pillows without needing to be repositioned. 

The tiny registration marks along the sides have also been removed to avoid accidental stencilling.

We know you will love the L series even more!


What you get:

  • GRAIN SACK STRIPES are 1-piece stencils, each sold separately.
  • Pictures #2 and #3 showcase how each stencil comes. 
  • All project materials used are for inspiration purposes only. No other supplies come with the stencils.
  • The tote, Christmas tray and Bakery pillow is with G6. Flour pillow is with G1. Grain pillow is with G4.

Stencil Features:
  • All the Grain Sack Stripes are designed to mix & match, offering original variations.
  • All our stencils are made from durable 10 mil mylar, complete with unique registration marks making alignment a breeze!


    Project Ideas:

    Slipcovered chair - G1L

    Flour pillow - G1L

    Grain pillow - G4L

    Bakery pillow - G6L

    Wooden tote - G6L

    For more photos or ideas, visit all stencil tutorials HERE 

    Grain Sack Stripe comparisons:

    Click above to view stenciled side-by-side grain sack stripe comparisons.

    Pillow Tutorials:

    Click video above to briefly view how to make grain sack stripe pillows.

    Learn how to make grain sack stripe pillows from full blog post tutorial HERE

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    Click below to see how to create an easy stripe using G1L and a wide paint brush!

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