M0108XL Extra Large Angel Wing *REVISED SEPT 2017


You asked for it!

The extra large wing that Dorrie used for this project


Dorrie used our original 2 part stencil to produce her gorgeous piece. Each wing in Dorrie's piece was 15"w x 38"l.

We have since revised to a 1 piece wing stencil that is 13.5"w x 34"l, this new wing will be much easier to work with.  Stencil one side of your project, clean and dry your stencil  then flip over to stencil the other side.

Note:  for smaller sizes see M0107 (small and medium 2 wing stencil) & M0108 (large single wing)

cut out of 10mil mylar

All prices are in CDN funds

Pricing updated August 2018

shipped via Post.


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