FJ002 Funky Junk's You Cut Tree Farm



Preserve those special memories of harvesting your own Christmas tree with a You Cut Tree Farm sign of your own!

What you get:

  • You Cut Tree Farm is a 1-piece stencil.
  • Picture #2 showcases exactly how this stencil comes.
  • Project photos are for inspirational purposes only. No other supplies are included with this stencil.

    Stencil Features: 

    • You Cut Tree Farm is designed to mix & match with Apple Farm. There are 3 ways to purchase these designs with #2 being your best value:

      1. Apple Farm - $34

      2. Apple Farm \ You Cut Tree - $39 <--- BEST value!

      3. You Cut Tree Farm - $34 (you are here)

    • Our stencils are made from a heavy weight 10 mil, offering exceptional quality. 
    • They also come with unique registration marks, making positioning effortless.

    Project Ideas:

    For more photos or ideas, visit all stencil tutorials HERE


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