FJ144 Funky Junk's Vintage Luggage Kit stencil


Transform any DIY project into a vintage-inspired piece with the Vintage Luggage Kit stencil FJ144! Easily add an antique luggage look onto furniture, drawer fronts, planks, crates and more with a generous selection of corners, hinges, handles and stickers.

NOTE: Stripes and belt images are not included.

Team up with Vintage Luggage Accessories stencil FJ145 (sold separately) to add stripes and belt straps.

Works well with Pallet Stamps / Shipping Crate Stamps / Christmas Crates (each sold separately) for added luggage details.


  • overall stencil images fit inside 10" h x 15"w
  • outer stencil sheet: 12" x 17"
  • each handle: within 3"h x 7"w
  • each hinge: within 2.8"h x 2.6"w
  • each corner: within 1.4"
  • stickers: within .8"

What you get:

  • Vintage Luggage Kit stencil FJ144 is a 1-piece stencil.
  • Project photos are for inspirational purposes only. No other supplies are included with this stencil.

How to use this stencil kit:

This stencil kit requires layers to get this look. Here's the suggested stencil order:

  1. 4 corners
  2. stripes or belt (if under handle or hinges)
  3. lid line - creates a separation between lid and body of case - position under top corners
  4. handle - place handle brackets in center of project
  5. hinges - position top hinge section on top of lid line
  6. sides stripes or belt
  7. stickers
  8. keyhole (can place keyhole on top of circle sticker)


  • This kit can work with nearly any sized surface.
  • Consider cutting the stencil images into separate pieces for easier positioning.
  • Use stickers on top of round door pulls to create intentional additions.
  • Screen save the full colour luggage picture for design inspiration.

Stencil Features: