S0297 Couple's Stencil Packs


So many possibilities for these sets ... Wedding signs, Pillows, Gallery Walls, Even T-shirts!

These stencils are featured in Jennylyn Pringle's hometalk Live video on February 27th.  Click the hometalk button above to go to the video or to read Jennylyn's "how to blog" click here.

S0294 His/Hers is a 2pc stencil set, each stencil is 16"w x 11"h $36

S0295 Mr & Mrs is a 3pc stencil set with 8"high letters $36

S0296 Goodnight is a 2pc set, each stencil is 16.75"w x 10"h $36

S0297 All of the above stencils as a 7pc set $98

Prices are in Canadian Dollars.

We ship via Canada Post tracked  package.

cut out of 10 mil mylar

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