FJ117 Funky Junk's Penny Tile


The Penny Tile stencil by Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils is a reusable, repeating pattern 2-piece stencil kit that mimics the look of classic penny tiles! Included is a Tile stencil, as well as a Designs stencil to easily add designs and borders to your tiles!


Penny Tile FJ117 is a reusable, repeating pattern 2-piece stencil kit that mimics the look of classic Penny Tile floors or walls!

Included is a tiles stencil, plus an easy-to-use designs stencil so you can create designs and borders on top of the tiles.

Perfect for TV trays, serving trays, furniture tops, tables and more.


  • Tiles image measures approx 10" x 10" overall
  • Each tile size measure .75" each

What you get:

  • Penny Tile is a 2-piece stencil kit. You get one stencil of tiles, and 1 stencil of tile designs.

  • Project photos are for inspirational purposes only. No other supplies are included with this stencil.

    How to stencil with Penny Tile:

    1. Decide which tile design you will be using first.
    2. Twist the Penny Tiles stencil in the right direction so your chosen pattern will work. 
    3. Paint your base with a grout tone.
    4. Position the Tiles stencil in the middle of your project, and stencil. 
    5. Continue pattern by overlapping like-minded graphics along the edges.
    6. Keep in mind where you wish the tiles to stop. Use a border from the Designs stencil to square-off the jagged edges if desired.
    7. Position the Designs stencil on top of the stenciled tiles, then stencil on top to create the designs and borders desired. 

    For more how-to info, visit tutorial: How to Penny Tile a TV tray

    Video tutorial coming soon!


      Stencil Features: 

      • made with reusable, high quality 10 mil mylar
      • added registration marks for easy positioning


      Project Ideas:

      How to Penny Tile a TV tray

      For more photos or ideas, visit all stencil tutorials HERE

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