M0269 Wreath Designs - 6 different designs available in 2 sizes


Here are some wreath designs you can use to personalize your projects.

Small versions allow for 7" diameter image in the center, large versions allow for 11" diameter image in the center.


Small Versions are 12" x 12" stencils, Large Versions are 18" x 18" stencils

image dimensions.

A.  Small 10"h x 10.5"w   Large 15.2"h x 16"w

B.  Small 8.6"h x 10"w     Large 13.8"h x 16"w

C.  Small 10"h x 10"w      Large 15.9"h x 16"w

D.  Small 9.9"h x 10"w     Large 15.8"h x 16"w

E.  Small 10"h x 10.4"w   Large 15.4"h x 16"w

F.  Small 10.4"h x 10"w    Large 16"h x 15.5"w

10 mil mylar reusable stencils

Pricing in CDN dollars.

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