Chalk Couture

Chalk Couture is coming to Canada!  
Chalk Couture is currently accepting Pre Registrations in Canada for BC, Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan (other provinces to come).  There is no cost or commitment when you preregister but it provides you access to a private Canadian prelaunch Facebook group where the company will provide all the information you will need to decide if you'd like to join.  Would you like to join forces ?  I'm excited!
Join the pre registration wait list at this link - you will require my ID CAD280674 so we can work together.

Want to know more about Chalk Couture?

Chalk Couture is a Direct Sales Company that makes beautiful reuseable silkscreen transfers.   They also have high end chalkboards, wood frame, metal boards, canvas pillows, tote bags and so much more. 
Watch a demo here
Here is a longer more in depth video all about Chalk Couture.
Note:  Sarah, the host in the above videos, will be our US Design upline and she is amazing! 

Why Chalk Couture?

I've had a few people ask me why I'm so excited about Chalk Couture.
1. Product:  There is detail that can be achieved with reusable silk screen stencils that cannot be obtained with the reusable stencils we manufacture here at Muddaritaville or with vinyl.  Before we purchased our first laser I played with creating silk screen stencils.  They are time consuming to create and can be finicky if you don't get the right brightness and time when exposing your artwork to the screen.  I was also limited by the size stencil I could create with my home kit.  Here's an image of one stencil made
 2.  I love the community that the Direct Sales business model creates.  Direct Sales can also help provide additional income streams for families who are willing to put in the work.  Many Direct Sales companies offer top notch training and personal development.  In my opinion Direct Sales creates an environment of cheering each other on and society needs more of this.  I'm all for celebrating the success of others!  

3.  When I started Muddaritaville I had been downsized from my corporate career.  While it has been a blessing, there have been some "lean" times.  In the early days I needed to dip into my retirement savings to get by.  Since then it seems that whenever we have a good month the money goes right back into the business.  Adding an additional income stream will help with the monthly ups and downs as well as allow us to add money back to our retirement savings.

Are you a DIY Retail Store Owner?

You can use Chalk Couture transfers in your workshops and on items for sale in your store.  You cannot display Chalk Couture products for sale in your store.  We can work with you and show you how other Store owners have become successful by introducing this product line to their customers. 


Chalk Couture launched in the USA July 2017 and in that short time they have provided a fabulous opportunity for their founding US designers, imagine what being a founding designer in Canada could do for you!

Click on the link below, you will require my ID CAD280674 to sign up