W0001 Wood Tiles


Poplar Ply Laser Cut Wood Tiles

Unfinished wood. See close up below of wood and edge after laser cutting.

Note:  inventory reflects the wood we currently have in stock.  Please contact us if you require more than available inventory.  We may eventually discontinue this product as shipping and production costs are high.

Laser Cut 3.75" square with rounded corners

.25" thickness

Can be used with S0342 Scrabble Tile Stencils

The feature Image shows tiles painted and finished with Fusion's Stain and Finishing Oil in Natural.  The other images show a close ups of the unfinished wood and the laser cut edge.

* the original description on this listing was Birch. We tested a number of wood sources to make sure we would have a consistent source.  We have actually been using a Poplar ply to fill these orders so the listing has been updated to reflect that.



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